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mailMayor David Amrhein

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As Mayor of Zachary and on behalf of the City Council, elected officials and all City employees, I welcome you to “our” City.

Over the past four years, through partnership agreements community wide, we’ve been able to provide a safer, much improved and a more prosperous community for all who call Zachary home.

While there remains much left to do, the progress noted daily continues to advance at a rate consistent with the growth of our City, as it must.

Zachary by all accounts is considered a leader in terms of its quality of life, its societal and educational opportunities, its many amenities and the economic and convenience advantages experienced by its residents daily. In addition to local accomplishments and its growing state-wide influence, Zachary’s national persona also helps to identify it as one of the top cities in the country to live and raise a family.

During our first years in office, we announced sweeping plans and changes which would vastly improve an aging infrastructure while helping to modernize a City. That singular achievement has resulted in improvements in all areas of deliverable services provided to its residents. That initiative worked because of Zachary’s “total commitment” to change, necessitated by its exponential growth in recent years. That process and the resultant improvements have made it much more than just another municipality.

Zachary has now become a municipality to be modeled!

The people of Zachary, all of its people, can revel in this great sense of achievement and community pride which is rivaled only by continued efforts to improve its neighborhoods, its economic future and its Smart growth. All combined, they continue to make our City a leader and a place where people want to be.
I welcome and challenge you to become a part of that progress. Together we will continue to advance the principles upon which Zachary was founded, while embracing our traditional values which will grow her for years to come.


David Amrhein, Mayor
City of Zachary



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mailSteve Nunnery
Director of Administration
mailChris Calbert
Chief Administrative Officer
kathi brumley
mailKathi Brumley
Secretary to Mayor,
Director of Administration &
Chief Administrative Officer


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