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Mayor’s Welcome

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As a lifelong Zachary resident, I am incredibly proud of how far our city has come.  Today, we’re an ever-growing community with a population of 19,316, according to the 2020 Census, Zachary’s population rose 29.1% over the past decade.

Incorporated in 1889, the historic Zachary has found modern uses for significant structures, transforming old fashioned buildings into newfound homes of cross fit gyms, venues, eateries and much more.  And, as a former business owner myself, I understand how important healthy economic growth is. Building permits are a good barometer for the future economy of our city.  In terms of dollars, the city issued over $738,000 dollars in building permits from 2015 to 2020 inside the city limits.  We have a new vision for Downtown Zachary, plans are underway to create a thriving revitalized downtown district that represents the family focused values of our growing town. 

Zachary is known throughout the region for our number one ranked community school system in Louisiana for 16 consecutive years.  Zachary schools continue to work to maximize the potential of each student through an academic atmosphere, quality educators and a diverse, rigorous curriculum.

Travelers from across the globe love coming to world-renown Zachary to train at Bennett’s Ski and Waterboard School.  The Zachary Youth Park is a great investment in our young people and families.  Sprawling over 30 acres of land, this city-owned youth park has turf fields for t-ball, softball, and baseball, and is essentially home ground of the Zachary Youth Baseball Organization.  Apart from playing host to softball and baseball leagues all year round, the facility is the go-to spot for community events and annual fests.  The vast green spaces, including walking paths, playground and picnic areas promise a day of wholesome fun, games, and fitness. 

Georgia Pacific Port Hudson operations is a world-class paper mill, located to the west of the city. This plant makes 80% of the toilet paper and brawny paper towels in the country. Zachary’s healthcare facility, Lane Regional Medical Center is the largest employer in the City of Zachary, with more than 850 dedicated team members. With the success of Lane and the numerous ancillary healthcare offices that have emerged in the last decade, Zachary now serves as the healthcare destination for the entire northern capital region. 

The Zachary experience features a high quality of life that is enjoyed by all residents.  Pleasant neighborhoods, top-ranked schools, a wide variety of restaurants, shops and stores convenient to residential area, along with an abundance of recreational activities make Zachary the first choice for many families.

In 2020 Zachary joined ten other cities in the State of Louisiana earning a Class 1 Fire Rating, which means lower insurance premiums for homeowners. The friendly, helpful neighbors, the security of living in low-crime neighborhoods, the peace of mind of having a first-class medical center, people working together to make a better city – is what makes Zachary a place people love to call home. But even more than the excellent schools, restaurants, and stores – a sense of pride can be felt throughout the residents of this close-knit community.  It’s a place where people know their neighbors and look after them.