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An Important Message From the City of Zachary

Posted by xadmin on January 25, 2017

The City of Zachary crews work hard to keep storm drains clear, but they need your help. Chris Davezac, The Department of Public Works Director offers the following suggestions to homeowners:

Avoid raking leaves directly into the storm drains or roadside ditches.

Bag leaves or mow them into your lawn for mulching purposes. Blowing or raking leaves into streets can lead to clogged storm drains, which can cause flooding in streets and yards.

Do not blow or rake leaves along fence lines. Water cannot property flow to drainage servitudes when the fence lines are cluttered with leaves and other debris.

Do not throw leaves, trash, or limb debris into ditches and canals. This action will impede the water flow, which could also lead to flooding. Homeowners are responsible for keeping their ditches free of any debris that can possibly clog drains.

If you have any concerns about drainage issues, please call the City of Zachary Public Works Department at 225 654-1902.