City of Zachary

Boards & Commissions

City Hall

Appointments to Boards and Commissions


Alcohol Beverage Control

Jared Watkins - District 1 Appointee
Barry Fisher- District 2 Appointee
Craig Derouen - District 3 Appointee
Jason Broussard - District 4 Appointee
Joe Amorello - District 5 Appointee
Erin Hybart - Mayor Appointee
Lovenia Williams - Recording Secretary - Email:

Condemnation Board

Scott Masterson - Inspection Dept.
Bryant Dixon - Mayor Representative
Jennifer Boyd - Council Representative
John Hopewell - City Attorney
Dana LeJeune - Recording Secretary - Email:

Economic Development Committee

Terrie Johnson
Ashleigh McHugh
Carrie Godbold
Mike Gennaro
Heather Prejean
Tamara Dayton
Lizzie Benzer
Ben Necaise
Brent Fuselier
John Stagg
Nick Lanata
Randy Herring
Bryant Johnson
Larry Meese
Brandy Westmoreland
Brandon Noel
Harry Morris
Michael Strickland

Municipal Civil Service

Dana LeJeune - Employee Elected
Lovenia Williams - Employee Elected
Ryan Talbot - College Appointee
Dee Hunt - College Appointee
Meghan Whittington - Board Secretary - Email:

Planning & Zoning Commission

Mindy Slaughter - Chairman
Christina Price
James Peay
Thomas Scott - Council Appointee
Jason Floyd - Council Appointee
Christi Murphy - Council Appointee
Tommy Womack - Council Appointee
Dana LeJeune - Board Secretary - Email:

Zachary Historical Board

Jean Partin - District 1
Ed Wagner - District 2
Pat Artia - District 3
Nita Edwards - District 4
Jenny Blair - District 5
Bob Whitaker - Mayor Appointee
Sharon Phillips - Mayor Appointee
Mary Landry - Secretary and Downtown Historical Director - Email:
Lauri Kitchen - Mary Landry Appointee