City of Zachary

Boards & Commissions

City Hall

Appointments to Boards and Commissions

ABC Board Appointments

Carl Spears
Erin Hybart 
Harold Bezet
Jason Broussard
Jennifer Reitzell
Landon Petty
Narvel Hamilton
Recording Secretary - Lovenia Williams -

Planning & Zoning Commission Appointments

Billy Kline -
James Peay -
John Dry -
​Laura Freeman  -
Mike Freeman -
Robert Snowden -
Thomas Scott -
Recording Secretary - Meghan Whittington -

Municipal Civil Service Board

Dana LeJeune
Donald Hunt III
Frank Landry
Lovenia Williams     
Ryan Talbot
Recording Secretary - Meghan Whittington -​
LMA Gas Purchasing and Distribution Authority
Steve Nunnery
Recording Secretary - Dana LeJeune -

Gas District #1                   
Todd McKey
Recording Secretary - Phyllis Sims -

Historical Board

Bob Whitaker
Jeanne Partin
Jennifer Boyd
Mike Gennaro
Pat Artieta
Sharon Phillips
Sharon Turner
Theresa Payment

Zachary Food Pantry Board
Mike Amrhein, President
Beryl Gordy
Chloe McCleary
Dale Hughes
David Pizzolato
Dr. Maxwell Lea
J. Beadle
Jackie Snowden
Laura Steen
Randy Ashford
Sharon Phillips
Stephen Browning
Recording Secretary - Laura Steen -