City of Zachary


Public Works

Garbage, Trash, and Recycling Pickup Days: To find out the specific days for garbage, trash, and recycling collection, please contact the Public Works Department at 225-654-1902.

Recycling Program in Zachary: The City of Zachary offers a residential recycling program through Waste Management. Recycling is collected once a week within city limits. Recyclable materials should be placed in a green recycling bin, which can be picked up at the City of Zachary annex located at 4750 Main Street. Mixed recyclables should be placed out the night before collection day. 

  • Mondays: Areas west of the railroad tracks and south of Hwy 64 up to and including Oak Trace Subdivision.
  • Tuesdays: Areas west of Oak Trace Subdivision and south of Hwy 64, excluding Hwy 64 and areas west of Hwy 964 (Old Scenic Hwy).
  • Thursdays: Areas east of the railroad tracks.
  • Fridays: Areas west of the railroad tracks, north of Hwy 64, including all of Hwy 64 and Hwy 964 (Old Scenic Hwy) north of Hwy 64, excluding Hwy 64 west of Old Scenic Hwy.

For recycling questions, contact the Public Works Department at 225-654-1902.

Bulk Waste Pickup: Bulk waste collection is provided bi-monthly for residents and small businesses through a contract with Waste Depot.

  • North of Main/Hwy 64: 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month.

Acceptable items include tree limbs, discarded shrubs, large appliances, carpet, hot water heaters, sofas, stoves, furniture, mattresses, and box springs. Unacceptable items include construction or demolition materials, fencing, roofing materials, pipes, concrete, tires, and large tree trunks or limbs generated by contractors. These items are the contractor's responsibility.

Utility Bill Inquiries: For questions about your utility bill, call the billing department at 225-654-6871.

Starting New Service: To start a new service, contact the billing department at 225-654-6871.

Emergency After-Hours: For gas, sewer, or water leaks after hours, call the Public Works & Utilities Office at 225-654-0201. Your call will be transferred to an answering service.

Reporting a Street Light Out: Contact your electric company:

  • Entergy: 1-800-ENTERGY
  • DEMCO: 225-654-9355

Property Ownership Information: For property ownership details, contact the Assessor’s Office. You will need the lot number and subdivision name. If you don’t have this information, call Public Works & Utilities at 225-654-0201 or Planning & Zoning at 225-654-1935.

Excavation Near Gas Facilities: Before any excavation, contact LA One Call at 811 or 1-800-272-3020. This free service will alert utilities to mark their underground facilities. Allow two business days for marking.

Detecting and Reporting Gas Leaks: Signs of a gas leak include:

  • A gaseous or hydrocarbon odor
  • A blowing or hissing sound
  • Dust blowing from a hole in the ground
  • Continuous bubbling in water
  • Dead vegetation
  • Abnormally dry or hardened soil
  • Fire above or from the ground

In case of a suspected gas leak, stay away from the area and contact the City of Zachary Gas Maintenance Department immediately. Note: The city does not maintain buried piping between the gas meter and the house or business. Customers are responsible for this section of gas piping. For more information or to report a gas leak, call 225-654-0201 (24 hours).