City of Zachary


Public Works

What days are my garbage, trash and recycle picked up?
Call the Public Works Department for specific days for each at 225-654-1902.

Does the City of Zachary have a recycling program?
Waste Management collects residential recycling within the city limits of Zachary. This service is provided once a week per customer. All recyclable materials must be in a green recycling bin. If you need a green bin, they are available for pickup at the City of Zachary annex, located at 4750 Main Street. All recyclable materials can be mixed in these bins. It is best to put your recycling out the night before it is to be picked up, since route pickup begins early in the morning. Please refer to the Recycle Route Map to determine your recycle pick up day. All areas West of the railroad tracks and South of Hwy 64 up to and INCLUDING Oak Trace Subdivision will be collected on Mondays. All areas West of Oak Trace Subdivision, and South of Hwy 64, - NOT INCLUDING Hwy 64 - except for Hwy 64 West of Hwy 964 (Old Scenic Hwy), and those areas off of Hwy 64 West of Hwy 964 (Old Scenic Hwy) will be collected in Tuesdays. All areas East of the railroad tracks will be collected on Thursdays. All areas West of the railroad tracks, North of Hwy 64 - INCLUDING ALL Hwy 64 - , and Hwy 964 (Old Scenic Hwy) North of Hwy 64 will be collected on Fridays. - Does not include Hwy 64 West of Old Scenic Hwy. Questions relating to recycling can be addressed at City of Zachary Public Works Department, 225-654-1902.

What bulk waste items are acceptable to put out for pick-up at my home?
Bulk Waste Collection service is offered bi-monthly through contract with Lionel Boudreaux Trucking for all residents and small commercial businesses.  Scheduled pick-up of bulk waste for residents and small businesses located North of Main/Hwy. 64 will be collected on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month.  Acceptable items include tree limbs, discarded shrubs or lawn trimming items too large for a trash can.  Also acceptable are large white goods such as old appliances, carpet, hot water heaters, sofas, stoves, furniture, mattresses or box springs.  Items thatwill not be picked up include building materials from construction or demolition or remodeling projects, fencing, roofing materials, pipes, concrete, tires, repairs or tree limbs and tree trunks generated by a contractor hired by the homeowner.  These items are the responsibility of the contractor and will not be picked up.

What number do I call to ask about my utility bill? 
For billing inquiries, please call the billing department at 225 654-6871.

Who do I call to start my service? 
For new service, please contact the billing department at 225 654-6871.

I have a gas, sewer or water leak, and it’s after hours.  Who do I call?
The Public Works & Utilities Office has an answering service.  Hours are from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  If you have an emergency after 4:30 p.m., please call the office at 225-654-0201 and the call will be transferred to the answering service who will provide the appropriate assistance.

My street light is out.  Who do I call? 
You will need to contact your electric company either Entergy 1-800-ENTERGY or DEMCO 654-9355.  They will generate a ticket that will repair the light. 

I need to find out who owns a piece of property.  Who do I call? 
The Assessor’s Office has ownership information.  All that is needed is the lot number and subdivision name.  If you do not have this information, you may call Public Works & Utilities at 225-654-0201 or Planning & Zoning at 225-654-1935.

Before any excavation in and around any gas facilities, who should I contact?   
LA One Call is a free service to help you dig safely. LA One Call will alert companies/utilities so that they can mark their nearby underground facilities before you start. State Law requires two full business days for utility companies to mark their lines.  It is simple: Before you dig:  Dial 811 or 1-800-272-3020.  Instructions will be given to you at this time. Remember: Before You Dig, Wait for the Site to be Marked, Respect the Marks and Dig With Care.

How do I detect a gas leak and what should I do if I think I have one?
Natural gas leaks may be detected by one of the following indications on or near our pipelines right-of-way:

  1. A gaseous or hydrocarbon odor.
  2. A blowing or hissing sound.
  3. Dust is blowing from a hole in the ground.
  4. Continuous bubbling in one spot in a wet or flooded area.
  5. Dead vegetation (grass, shrubs or trees.)
  6. Abnormally dry or hardened soil.
  7. Fire is apparently coming from the ground or burning above the ground.

CAUTION: Gas that has accumulated in a confined space is subject to EXPLOSION. Please stay away from the immediate area of any suspected gas leak and contact the City of Zachary Gas Maintenance Department!

NOTE: The City of Zachary does NOT maintain buried piping between the gas meter and the house or business. The customer is responsible for maintaining and repairing this section of gas piping from leakage. These buried gas lines should be checked periodically for leakage. If you need additional information, suspect a natural gas leak or in case of an emergency concerning a City of Zachary gas main or service line, immediately call: OFFICE 225-654-0201 (24 hours)