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Achieve your New Year fitness goals at the Barre!

Meet us at the Barre! Body Sculpt Barre Studio: Zachary is a powerful community of women who come for the workout and stay for the friendships. Owner Lauren Hill explains what Barre is and how it can help you achieve your 2024 fitness goals!

How would you describe Body Sculpt Barre to someone that is not familiar with it?

Body Sculpt Barre Studio is a barre fitness boutique, catering to women. We offer small, personal fitness classes that center around a ballet barre, but no dance experience is required! We utilize the barre for balance and alignment during our workout. We work with 3 & 5lb weights, typically, but also have different classes that offer a little heavier weights. Our classes are not choreographed; therefore, they never repeat - which keeps your muscles always guessing & changing, hence the amazing results our clients see!

What sets Barre apart from other workout classes or regimens?

Barre is unique! Our trademarked barre classes are especially unique! As said above, our classes aren't choreographed, so you will never get the same class repeated. Barre is also great, because you have an instructor guiding you during every class who is also doing the workout with you- so they can experience what you are experiencing. Barre focuses on lifting, cinching, toning, strengthening- all the amazing things that women truly want and need. Not only will barre make you look & feel better, but the strength you gain will amaze you & maybe surprise you!

Who is Barre for?

Barre is literally for anybody - truly - we explain this to every newbie that walks through the door! We have ages of clients ranging from 13-65 years old. We have clients who have knee issues, back issues, neck issues, etc.! Our workouts are geared toward every day, functional movements that you will use daily. That being said, every single class we offer can be modified to fit your fitness needs/level. Each instructor will always give modifications as well as personally help you if you have a special request. Even if you choose to do an entire class with zero equipment, you will leave feeling like you had an amazing workout, guaranteed!

We know that being part of a community of people also factors into our overall health. How does Barre help foster a community/family feel?

Couldn't love this question more! We are community! We don't survive without community! When clients come for their first time or even after, we always say - you will come for the workout but stay for the friends you meet! So many of our clients meet their (now) best friends at body sculpt barre studio! We are a tight-knit group of ladies encouraging and uplifting one another, throughout many walks of life! These ladies look forward to coming to class to feel better physically & mentally from just a one hour "escape" from the daily routine & we are thrilled to be that for them!

Is there anything new and upcoming that we can expect from Body Sculpt Barre in 2024?

We are always striving to bring the best of the best! We are hoping to add some new classes into our schedule soon! We will also be popping up in the Zachary community often this year for some spring pop ups with other local businesses!

We are interested in trying a class! How do we get started?

Awesome! Lucky for you, your first class is free! We have our own app (Body Sculpt Barre Studio.) We point people to the app since we use it for just about everything. You will create an account through the app and sign up for your first class! That easy! As always, we are here to help if you have any issues!

Anything else you would like to share that would help someone that is unsure about trying Barre?

Just come check us out! Stop in and watch a class if you haven't worked up the courage to take one! Reach out directly so we can answer any questions! Stepping foot in the door is the hardest part for everyone, but we can assure you will regret that you haven't come sooner!

Body Sculpt Barre Zachary is located at 4362 Church Street.



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