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Parish Crawfish

Downtown Zachary

Parish Crawfish Spices up Downtown Zachary!

Have you noticed the lines wrapping around Parish Crawfish on Main Street? With a fresh coat of bright, crawfish red paint and new owners, Parish Crawfish is spicing up the crawfish game in Zachary! We had a little Q&A session with one of the owners, Brianna Bramlette to get all the juicy details and set some rumors straight -we’re looking at you, dusting!

DTZ: We noticed a fresh coat of red paint and new owners! Tell us a little bit about yourselves and how you came to own Parish Crawfish!

PC: Life took a turn and lead the three of us (Danny Sikes, Briana Bramlette- Sikes, and Patty Carpenter) straight to Zachary Louisiana! We LOVE it here!! By the way, my brother and dad painted for us! We have been blessed with SO much help from great family and friends!

DTZ: Do you sell anything other than crawfish?

PC: We do! Boiled, easy peel & deveined shrimp.  Best Stop pork Boudin, crawfish Boudin, smoked pork sausage, and pepper jack sausage. Straight from Scott, Louisiana in Lafayette Parish!

DTZ: Louisiana is abuzz with talks about sky-high crawfish prices. What prices can we expect to pay?

PC: Unfortunately, more than last year at this point. With good weather, we can hope for some price drops. Keep your claws crossed!! We want it as much as y’all do!

DTZ: Since you are under new ownership, has the recipe changed?

PC: It has!!! We have our own recipe and are not dusters, but we will dust upon request!

DTZ: What sets your crawfish apart from other local boilers quality-wise and flavor-wise?

PC: We have great relationships with local farmers to ensure we deliver the largest and best quality crawfish that are available!

DTZ: What are your weekday and weekend hours?

PC: Tuesday - Friday 4pm - 7:30pm, Saturday - Noon - 7pm, Sunday - Noon- 5pm, OR until we sell out!!

DTZ: Anything else you would like the community to know about Parish Crawfish?

PC: Our goal is to please our customers with a delicious product and exceptional service!! We are SO grateful Zachary for the overwhelming support! Y'all are the best!

Parish Crawfish is located in downtown Zachary at 5005 Main Street.