City of Zachary

Quick Facts

About Zachary

  • Zachary is located 10 miles N of Baton Rouge and 70 miles NW of New Orleans.
  • The City of Zachary is in East Baton Rouge Parish and is part of the Baton Rouge metro area.
  • Zachary was incorporated as a city in 1889.
  • 2022 Population Estimate for the City of Zachary (City Limits) is 19,316. according to the 2020 Federal Census Count.
  • The City of Zachary has a total area of 27.04 square miles in its city limits.
  • The Zachary Fire Department has a Class 1 rating from the Property Insurance Association of Louisiana
  • Zachary's School System has maintained a top performing school system in the State of Louisiana since 2005. Zachary's School System consists of eight schools.
  • Zachary’s city water system is scored perfectly by the Louisiana Department of Health.
  • The average household income in Zachary is $75,533 and is the highest in the capital region.
  • Zachary was the first city in Louisiana to elect a Republican as Mayor in 20th-century Louisiana.
  • 2018 Richest Town in Louisiana by USA TODAY
  • Top 10 Best Towns for Families in America by Family Circle Magazine in 2012.