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City of Zachary Announces Partnership with Floodplain Management Platform - Forerunner

Posted by zachary on April 04, 2024

The partnership will provide free flood risk data and resources to Zachary residents and business owners

The City of Zachary is announcing a partnership with Forerunner, a floodplain management platform. This partnership will enable residents and business owners to access a comprehensive range of flood risk data and resources, including elevation certificates and personalized flood risk data, all available at no cost on the City of Zachary Website,

“The Zachary community has doubled in size since 2010, and we anticipate adding another 10,000 or more residents to our population in the next five to ten years,” says Bryant Dixon, Planning and Zoning Director for Zachary. We’re focused on developing our community in a way that creates long-term resilience for our residents and businesses and easy access to critical information like elevation certificates and personalized flood risk data.”

As part of this initiative, Zachary introduces a new “Flood Fact Finder” feature on its website, powered by Forerunner. This tool grants easy access to flood risk data for individual properties, enabling stakeholders such as homeowners, contractors, and insurance agents to understand compliance requirements and swiftly access pertinent documents.

Forerunner’s platform plays a crucial role in our floodplain management activities, providing real-time flooding data during storms and facilitating efficient damage claims submission. This, combined with Zachary’s participation in the Community Rating System, aims to enhance our resilience and potentially lead to increased discounts on flood insurance premiums for residents.  

To explore flood risk for your property, visit the City of Zachary website here.