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Be Prepared and Clear Your Storm Drains

Posted by zachary on January 31, 2023

Be Prepared and Clear Your Storm Drains

Tracking the next rain threat on Thursday….Be prepared and clear any storm drains of debris

The City of Zachary Public Works crews work hard to keep ditches and storm drains clear of leaves and debris, but we need your help before our next threat of rain on Thursday. Keeping storm drains clean helps water flow freely instead of ponding on city streets.

When clearing a storm drain, please keep these tips in mind:

  • Clear about 10 feet on both sides of the drain.
  • When working, clear from the sidewalk side, not the street.
  • Wear reflective clothing.
  • Use a rake, shovel, or broom - not your hands.
  • Watch out for traffic.
  • Only clear drains that are along the curb.
  • Don't clear drains in the middle of a street - leave that to us.
  • Don’t put leaves in the street!