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Utilities Maintenance

Lionell Lawson

Utility Maintenance Director - Sewer


Utilities Maintenance

Jeffery Johnson

Utility Maintenance Director - Water and Gas


The City of Zachary offers water, gas, sewer and garbage.  Not every home in Zachary has all services. And there are different rates for customers who are inside and outside our city limits.

All water and gas meter readings are the responsibility of the City of Zachary. The City of Zachary reads meters on a monthly basis. In 2004, the City of Zachary mounted a citywide effort to improve the City’s water and gas metering.  In an attempt to provide better service, the City combined technology by installing an automatic meter reading system (AMR).  This enabled the City to reduce meter reading time and manpower, provide highly reliable and accurate meters, as well as gain the ability to link meter data transfer to the billing process.  Getting familiar with where your water meter is located and how it works is easy to do and can be very helpful to you in monitoring your property’s water use and any potential leaks.

Any citizen needing assistance with water, sewer and gas issues can contact this office or stop by this location. This phone number will also serve for after hours and emergency assistance.

Walk-in payments can be made in person at the City of Zachary Utilities Payment Office, located at 4650 Main Street, phone number 225 654-6871.  The Public Works Department handles all drainage, garbage, recycling, grass cutting issues and street repair issues.

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