City of Zachary

Meter Deposit & Installation Fees

Utilities Billing

Residential Customer Meter Service Pricing


 GAS DEPOSIT                                                         $250.00
 NEW SERVICE REG. GAS METER * SENSUS 275   $1240.00 (Max BTU 275,000)
NEW SERVICE 415 GAS METER* lbs./Oz $1760.00 (Max BTU oz. 906,000. Max BTU lbs. 952,000)
 NEW SERVICE SONIX 600 METER  $2940.00 (Max BTU 1 million)
 UPGRADE SERVICE 415 METER  $1130.00 (includes 100.00 refund for old meter)
  UPGRADE SERVICE SONIX 600 METER  $2165.52 (includes 100.00 refund for old meter)


*Price includes Meter, Installation, Parts, and a 10% labor charge for Residential and Commercial Customers.
All gas services that are larger than a Sonix 600 will have to be priced by the meter department.
For information not listed on fee list, contact the Utilities Department at 225-654-0201, Fax: 225-654-1916.  Billing Questions can be addressed at 225-654-6871.