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City Officials Approve Reduction in Speed Limit in Downtown Zachary

Posted by zachary on June 17, 2021

In the effort of creating a safer downtown, as well as to improve walkability along Main Street, drivers will soon notice a speed reduction on Main Street of 25 mph from Hwy. 19 to Old Baker/Rollins Road intersection.  Recently City Officials approved the transfer of the ownership of (Main Street) - Hwy. 64, from Hwy. 964 to Plank Road from the State of Louisiana to the City of Zachary.  As we move toward future economic development, we recognize the need to manage our own transportation needs as we prepare for the future.

Our community has seen extensive growth, and according to traffic studies, there are approximately 24,000 vehicles per day traveling through our downtown area.  Other traffic calming measures you will soon see in downtown Zachary are crosswalk markings and rectangular flashing beacons, allowing pedestrians to safely cross the highly traveled thoroughfare. These projects improve public safety, reduce carbon emissions, and help residents feel connected to their neighbors and businesses.