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Zachary Public Works Visits Zachary Elementary School

Posted by zachary on December 14, 2023

Zachary Public Works Visits Zachary Elementary School

Zachary Public Works Department representative Twila Guerin recently visited Mrs. Kim Watkins, third-grade class at Zachary Elementary, and delivered “Recycling Starts with You” coloring books and pencils.

Recycling is a family commitment, by teaching our children environmentally friendly living habits at home and school, we can instill principles in them that they can carry throughout their lives,” Guerin said.

Need a recycling bin? New bins can be obtained at the City of Zachary Annex, 4650 Main St. Waste Management is contracted by the City of Zachary for residential recycling collection. This service is provided once a week per customer. All recyclable materials must be in an 18-gallon green recycling bin. Recyclable materials can be mixed in the bins. It is best to put your recycling cart out the night before it is picked up. Route pickup begins at 5 a.m. each morning.

Questions relating to recycling can be addressed to the Zachary Public Works Department at (225) 654-1902.